Wednesday, December 04, 2013

So About What I Said reader feedback results

As part of So About What I Said's fifth anniversary a couple weeks ago, I invited you to complete a blog survey to help me better gauge the pulse of the blog as well as plan for its future. And, well, boy did you answer, friends! You told me what you loved, what you didn't love and even gave me some awesome suggestions of future features you'd like to see! I loved looking over all the feedback. Here are some of the highlights...

*A new feature you'd like to see...

--"I really love seeing the world from your view since you have such a unique voice. Maybe you could write more about what you do as a writter. The whole process of what you are writing, submitting an article, what you look for in magazines that you submit to."

--"DIY, maybe? You could try a craft, recipe, or DIY-anything (even something like teaching yourself cursive, french braiding, or some basic parts of another language!), and walk us through the steps. Book reviews, recommendations, and things you're looking forward to or interested in reading."

--"Perhaps a feature where Mr Melissa Blake writes to you?"

--"I would say a feature highlighting a good book or something fabulous that you bought and like. I love recommendations."

--"I love your blog, but I think it'd be fun if you included a regular feature where you try new things and write about the experience. like speed dating, or a new food, a cocktail (!), a rock show. document yourself doing things you've never done before. I think it'd be really interesting to read about you on new adventures. you're such a talented writer!"

--"I'd love to see you try an on-line dating venture and then have a subsequent feature journaling your progress, woes, and successes!"

*How you'd describe So About What I Said in 3 words...

--"Fun, lighthearted, honest."

--"Real. Eloquent. Heartfelt."

--"Refreshing, sweet, lovely."

--"Edgy, smart, vulnerable."

--"Comforting, wistful, sweet."

 --"Quirky, carefree, engaging."

--"Authentic, humble, and courageous."

Thanks so much, friends, for all the wonderful feedback, and congrats to Laura for winning the free month of ad space. Love you all... xoxo

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  1. i cant wait to see what the future brings! xo

  2. Fab survey and results!
    Love the 3 word descriptions... Spot on!


  3. I agree with all of those 3 word descriptors - you are definitely witty, vulnerable and courageous!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. All of the word descriptions fit you to a T!



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