Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two thumbs up for Pantene

Pantene Philippines ad has been making the Internet rounds this week, and all I can say is, "BRAVO!" In just one minute, the ad wastes no time in cutting right to the heart of the issues women face in the workplace. In a series of scenes, women and men are shown in the same situation. The only difference? How each sex is viewed.

"While a man is a “boss,” a woman is seen as “bossy.” Men are “persuasive,” while women are “pushy.” If a guy works late, he’s “dedicated,” but a woman is “selfish.” A man who struts down the street is “smooth,” but his female counterpart is “showy.”

Way to go, Pantene!! Isn't it great, friends? xoxo

[Via TIME]


  1. I hadn't seen this yet–how fantastic!

  2. saw this on fb - such a good video! sad that it's so true, though.

  3. loved this but i wish they ended it with #shineon instead of #whipit which i thought was kinda odd.

  4. Me too, Jillian...#shineon sounds so much more empowering.

  5. Actually there's a lot of controversy about this when it comes to social images and feminism - you might be interested in this article;


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