Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Colorized historical photos

I can't get enough of these classic historical photos this morning. Once black and white, they've been digitally brought to life with an infusion of color. That's Audrey Hepburn, above...
Albert Einstein, 1939
Elizabeth Taylor, 1956
Mark Twain, 1900
Washington D.C., 1921
London, 1945
World War II kiss, 1945
How cool is that? It's like stepping back in time -- suddenly, history doesn't seem that distant anymore! What's your favorite one, friends?!?!? xoxo
[Via 22 Words]


  1. How neat! I love the ones of Audrey and Elizabeth. My goodness, those eyes.

  2. oh, my - this made me do a double-take. loved this!

  3. That's crazy!!!!! I love the last one!


  4. What a great find! I love the Audrey Hepburn one :)

  5. My favorite photo is the one of Mark Twain because for a split-nano second the color image made me think that it was the present day and my automatic gut response was "OMG! Mark Twain! Where is he speaking next? I have to go see him!" And then I remembered it was 2014. LOL!

  6. Wow! These are amazing! My favorite is probably Mark Twain because it's so far back...it really is like stepping foot in history. Whoever came up with the idea to do these is a genius.


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