Monday, January 20, 2014

Family Photos: 3 things we've been doing lately

I realized a few months ago that my Instagram revolves around food and cats, and believe it or not, I'm totally comfortable with that. So I suppose it's only natural that I should add these photos to my feed, huh? Here's what we've been doing lots of lately, starting, of course, with Yahtzee, my all-time favorite games -- even though I usually lose every single game. But I'm a good sport, I promise...most of the time.

Harry and Stella have been unnaturally photogenic lately. It's funny because they're so different in front of the camera: Stella loves it and will just stare at you with her wide eyes and pose. Harry, on the other hand, acts like a hipster cats, like he couldn't care less and usually won't even make eye contact. Oh, those crazy cats!
And of course, we've been looking at a lot of winter skies lately. My mom took this photo one morning recently, and it makes winter look like such a peaceful blanket, unlike the blowing snow we had this past weekend.

What "life photos" have you been snapping lately, friends? Anything in particular? A favorite meal? A recent purchase? Your adorable cat? I'd love to see your Instagrams, so be sure to leave your link in the comments! As always, you can follow me on Instagram for all the fun and shenanigans! xoxo


  1. Adorable cats! Hmmm..other than pictures at trips, I haven't been taking much life pictures to be honest! :) XO


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