Monday, January 06, 2014

Family Photos: Snowmageddon 2014...

If you live in the Midwest, chances are you're hunkering down at home today. I know I am. We're getting pummeled by a whopper of a winter storm, and it's one of the worst we've seen in recent decades -- snow, ice, howling wind (I can hear it from our kitchen table...) and bitterly cold temperatures. The weather is supposed to be like this for the next couple days, so I plan on staying in and staying warm, preferably in front of the fireplace with one of the cats sitting next to me.

BUT! In the interest of documenting this most historic of events, I did manage to venture outside yesterday. As the wind whipped across my cheeks, I felt like I was on some sort of expedition to Antarctica. I could practically feel the cold seep right down to my bone.

There's always a certain quiet and stillness that comes with blizzards, when everything is covered in snow. Our street was pretty deserted.

But of course my mother had to climb a snow hill. Isn't she cute? In the first photo, she's waving, and in the second photo, she's giving a thumbs up!

So who else is braving the storm this week? Stay safe and warm, friends, and enjoy some much-deserved relaxation! We'll be watching the season premiere of Downton Abbey! xoxo

P.S. The Big Blizzard of 2011. :)


  1. My husband slid a bit as he was going over a bridge to work this morning. He was not going fast. I do not know why he tells me these things because I know he knows I worry. My mother cancelled her DR appt. They have stated that heart patients should stay indoors (n the last year and a half she has had two aortic dissections). Told my father not to go out either. The suburbs of Chicago were on the receiving end of a great amount of snow and yep it is cold here.

  2. it's FREEZING in chicago. so ready for the summer :) xo

  3. Your mum looks ace at the top of the snow pile! It's been really bad here too - and being in an apartment complex that appears to be behind the times, they still haven't cleared the roads. Cars are getting stuck all over the place before they have even got anywhere! Had a busy day shipping stuff today (everyone is on ebay due to the weather it seems) so my official day off/snow day is tomorrow which I'm determined to spend under the blankets on the sofa watching too much TV!

    Hope you all keep warm Melissa!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I thought we got it bad up here in New York! That's insane!!!!! I can't believe the snow mounds!!! Keep Warm Melissa! =)

  5. Yall look adorable braving going outside! GEESH- can't wait til SPRING !! Stay bundled up and safe. That snow there looks wild......... pummeled is right ox

  6. Ha, twinkle...i am SO ready for spring!!


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