Friday, January 24, 2014

Fight Internet cliches

Speaking of annoying words, what are your thoughts on Internet lingo? Illustrator Sarah Lazarovic nailed it on the head with these five Internet cliches, don't you think? What other phrases would you add to the list, friends? Look for my answer in the comments...let's fight these cliches together! xoxo

[Via I Love Charts]


  1. I love internet cliches. I think they express how people think on the internet. I embrace them whole heartedly.

    1. Agreed. It's actually pretty fascinating to watch language evolve. Some of it makes me a little crazy, but it's still all super interesting. (And "This." I use a lot. A. Lot.)

  2. I love the Lingo of the Interwebz!!!
    I use "This" a lot... :D

  3. "THIS" and "so much yes" are some of my minor peeves..

  4. I admit that I'm guilty of saying "this" a lot, so I probably can't complain about the rest :P

  5. Not all internet cliches are bad. I'm actually a fan of "this", but what gets me is "because_____". Like Because shirt or Because elves. Don't get it and never will.


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