Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fun quiz: Which Golden Girl are you?

Before I came to accept my Cat Lady status, I had a different vision for my future. Ever since I was little, I had this fantasy of spending my golden years in sunny Miami, where I'd have all sorts of magical adventures with my crazy roommates. My inner rebel wanted to be Blanche, but apparently, I'm most like Rose, at least according to this fun quiz.

"There is an innocence about you that others find appealing and endearing."
Yes, I suppose I agree with that. Who's your Golden Girls soul mate? Take the quiz here, and share your result in the comments! Oh, and who's up for some cheesecake? Those crazy ladies... xoxo


  1. I'm also Rose! This makes me extra happy, as she's my favorite. Thanks for posting - this was fun!

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  3. I got a tie between Rose and Blanche :D How fabulous!

  4. Ha! I am Rose! LOL...Thanks for sharing! HAPPY NEW 2014! xo

  5. SUCH a Blanche! :) So sharing this!


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