Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's talk annoying words!

You all know how much I love words -- we've mused about our favorite words, overused words and even made-up words. And even though I mentioned them in a weekend round-up a few weeks ago, I thought it only appropriate that annoying words get their own spotlight too. New York's Marist College Institute for Public Opinion recently polled 1,173 adults, and a whopping 38% said the most annoying word is...

Wait for it...


"The word can be very dismissive and rude," said Mary Griffith, media director for Marist. "It's a put-down to some extent and it can signal to the other person that what they are saying is not important."

The word like ranked second in the survey, followed by you know, just sayin' and obviously to round out the top five.
OK, I'll admit it: I've been guilty a time or two (or maybe more like one hundred, but who's counting?) of letting these taboo words slips from my lips. I've even taken to shortening whatever to "whatevs," and I now say it all the time to my sister just because I know it annoys her so much (oh, the beauty of sisters, right?). A few other words on my annoying list...

*Seriously (spoken in that sarcastic, condescending tone)
*Awesome sauce or however you spell it.
*Literally, especially when used incorrectly (i.e. "I'm literally jumping off the wall.")
*My bad (Hellllllo, '90s!)

Your turn, friends: What are the most annoying words? Why do you dislike them so much? Has it changed over the years? Are there words you used to hate but now love -- or vice versa? Let's chat!

[Comic from Fab After Forty]


  1. Words I hate:
    - Moist
    - Secrete
    - Man (As in, "Yeah man, I know what you mean!"

    I also really hate the word "totes" and "cray-cray", but I find that I use them anyway only to be funny and sarcastic.

  2. Hah! I absolutely use all of the words on your hit list. D'oh!

    Irregardless. That is the "word" that makes me crazy. And also, yes, those not-so-words like "totes," "probs" and "craycray," agreed.

  3. I have maybe different view as I'm not born English speaker, still there are some annoying words like dude, preggo and then weirdly all nicknames like honey, baby etc for calling your husband/wife/date. Those goes with my native language too, so maybe it's just annoying how people name each other :)

  4. lol, this is funny! I don't like the wording 'as of late' when one word, 'lately', would suffice. And also 'adorbs' gets my goat.

  5. "Whatever" really bugs me. Also "totes" and "jellies" (jealous).


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