Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day just three days away, panic mode may be starting to set in. On the hunt for the perfect present? Well, consider this gift guide your one-stop shop for everyone on your love list, from your significant other to your mom to your best friend to that overly friendly co-worker. First up: This friendly bag for said friendly co-worker, $19.95.
A gold, heart-shaped locket to keep special memories close to your heart, $22.50.
A funny card because nothing -- not even chocolate -- makes Valentine's Day better than a little laughter, $5.
A personalized spa kit with all her favorites, including bubble bath ($36), lavender bath oil ($30), lavender soap ($9), an ambrosia candle ($34) and rose and vanilla lip balm ($12).
This beautiful initial ring, which is the 21st Century equivalent of carving your initials on a tree, $40.
"You complete me" heart puzzle with secret message, $17.
Penguin love journal for the writer in your life, $24.

These fun kiss Valentine tattoos for your favorite niece or nephew.
A special delivery of flowers in pretty Valentine's hues to brighten up a dreary winter day, $49.95.
Homemade cupcakes, made lovingly with extra frosting, of course! Real Simple has some awesome recipes here.

Who are you shopping for this year, friends? Who's your lucky Valentine? xoxo

P.S. 11 Gifts for Her, 11 Gifts for Him and the 2013 Valentine's Day Gift Guide.


  1. What sweet ideas–and that tote is darling! I just sent a small azalea bush to my Mama, and John will be getting a romantic dinner for two and a love letter (plus tickets to the ballet, which we saw earlier this month). I just love Valentine's Day!

  2. Such a fun collection! I think I fell in love with that bag<3 It's so cute!


  3. Awesome gifts !! I adore the heart locket!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Melissa! Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. I’m eyeing that heart locket for someone special. Though I might do a lot of shopping this week for gifts to give my friends and family. Enjoy this special day with your love ones. Ron @ Tipsy Totes

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