Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Do you celebrate your half birthday?

Do you celebrate the awesomeness that is your half birthday? You know, that special day where you're exactly half way to your next birthday and get to add a little .5 onto your age. It's some pretty serious stuff for me, actually, seeing as how serious I take my birthdays. Well, today is my special half birthday -- hello there, 32.5 -- it's nice to meet you!

No one I know seems to care about half birthdays (would you believe some people have never even heard of them?!?!?), and I just want to shout, "Don't you know how cool half birthdays are? It's an excuse for fun and sweets! What's not to love?"

Wouldn't this half cake be a fun tradition to start? If that doesn't convince you of the gloriousness of half birthdays, I don't know what will... xoxo

[Via Hither & Thither]


  1. I used to think about my half birthday ... after 40 though, I stopped bringing attention to my age b/c the wee littles of the family tease me! haha HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY!! 32 (and a half) is a great age! you will love it but then again.....every age is wonderful with a smile and a happy heart oxo

  2. I celebrate them :-) I don't go all out or anything, but I try to do something nice and simple for it.

  3. What a fun idea! Sadly I missed mine, but I'll mark it on the calendar for December!

  4. happy half birthday! my birthday is in june...so that's a good halfway point :) i have already decided if we have kids in December we'll celebrate their birthdays in june! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Uh ya, I want a half birthday too!!! Happy Half-Birthday to you Melissa!!


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