Friday, February 14, 2014

Have a fun Valentine's Day weekend

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! For more, February 14th is the most wonderful time of the year -- all full of love and happiness and those sweet conversation hearts. I hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day Week, and that you're able to spend today with the ones you love. Be sure you take some time to pamper yourself too. After all, you deserve it. Have a lovely weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

This couple is receiving a wonderful gift this Valentine's Day.

What a librarian looks like.

Love this tutorial of one shirt, two ways.

A great plant round-up to brighten the cold winter days.

I heart these Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Are you excited for Seth Meyers' Late Night debut?

Nine literary gifts for Valentine's Day.

The unwittingly attractive things that men do...what tops your list?

How gorgeous is this bohemian-inspired abode?

Confess: Are you guilty of digital hoarding?

Which Jennifer Lawrence are you? I got awards season J-Law! single are you? I'm really single, ha!

24 candy hearts we need in these modern times. Too funny!

Some great body-positive style bloggers you should be following.

Heads up! It's Walter White's Facebook Look Back video.

Awww, a cat was left alone with a fussy baby...

Way to go, Facebook!

Powerful photos on the reality of fighting breast cancer.

10 reasons it's perfectly OK to be single on Valentine's Day.

What are your favorite blog posts that you've ever written? It's worth thinking about, isn't it?
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[Top photo via silver blonde; bottom photo by Heidi from White Loft Studio for Style Me Pretty]


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