Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Honest Selfie #1: Premee's story

Editor's Note: A couple weeks ago, I asked you to send me an Honest Selfie -- a single snapshot, unfiltered, that shows off your sheer awesomeness! I was inspired by Dove's Selfie documentary, and judging by the submissions I received, you were too! I'll be sharing a new selfie story every day for the rest of the week, starting with...
Here is a selfie that I took a few months ago to prove to a friend that I was indeed at the airport like I said I was! He refused to believe me until I sent him a photo. I love this photo because it was my first time wearing that lipstick - it was like a stoplight, every time I saw myself in a mirror I was like, "WHOA, WOMAN, WHO ARE YOU?!" But by the end of the trip, I loved it! Also, my friends could tell you this is a very characteristic expression for me, all smushy and doubtful. This photo is a great representation of who I am. I don't think about looking pretty in a selfie; I think about looking the most like myself. :)

--By Premee

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  1. The pretty pink lipstick is a great pop of color - how fun and whimsical


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