Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's talk being single!

As a lifelong singleton, I know all about flying solo. All. About. It. In fact, I've sort of got it down to a science by now, and I might even make it look easy. At parties. At weddings. On random trips to the grocery store. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, it can be easy for us singletons to feel like we're Rudolph sometimes -- you know, standing next to all those couples, our big red noses lit up like gigantic neon signs.

But! Valentine's Day is still one of my all-time favorite holidays, and if you ask me, celebrating your love for yourself is just as important as celebrating your significant other. Starting tomorrow, I'll be sharing the amazing photos and stories you've sent me for our first-ever Honest Selfie Challenge, the ultimate way to celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU!!
A couple years, I asked you what you loved about being single, and I'd love to know if your opinions on the single life have changed. As you've gotten older, do you think there's more of a "single stigma" or not so much? Are you currently single? Let's chat, friends! xoxo

[Photos by Virginia Galvez]


  1. I'm a recent single after 5 years of not being a single - so for me things are still pretty raw. So I'm really looking forward to reading along here for inspiration and ways to feel peaceful and accepting of the situation.

    onebreath @

  2. Currently in a 6 yr relationship but spent many year son and off being single and during those phases I loved it. Loved the freedom to do what I wanted, talk to who I wanted, flirt if I wanted, not have my legs if I wanted... Time with my friends, time with myself. Relationships are great but being single, at least for a little while, can be very refreshing.

  3. Sending you lots of hugs, onebreath!

  4. Wendy -- that's such a healthy way of looking at things! xoxo

  5. I remember when I was single - I'm a goof !! My hubby is more refined so I have to tone it down LOL Also I had a bit of a "Punky Brewster" style - very colorful and Punky Brewster was a show. I'm now toned down to navy and beige HeeHee. But we are actually NEVER single........... nope! Valentines IS a celebration of love of all relationships! My Mom still gives her kids Valentine baskets just like she did when we were little (we are in the 50s range) HAPPY VALENTINES to all the gorgeous gals - and long live the celebration of LOVE for ourselves and each other!


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