Monday, February 10, 2014

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends, and welcome to a new week! Also, welcome to Valentine's Week! I'm excited to share lots of lovely (get it?!?!?) things all week long -- all those things that tug at our heartstrings, make us feel all warm and cozy and put a little extra spring in our step. Well, to start off, today's guy is all sorts of dreamy. He's got a job I admire. He's intelligent. And, of course, he seems incredibly charming...


"A person starts dying when they stop dreaming."


  1. I agree with you. He's quite the man. I watch him every night. He always looks like he just stepped out of the fresh, sparkly, well dressed, never a wrinkle or thing out of place. He's just so nice to listen to and to look at.

  2. Very dapper !! You have good taste darlin'!! Doesn't he look like he smells good to ladies? Like the best cologne??


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