Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My 10 favorite Beatles songs

From the infectious, sing-song-y hooks of early hits like "Please, Please Me" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" to the deeper, moodier observations of life on later tunes such as "Eleanor Rigby" and "Here Comes The Sun," the Beatles catalog spanned less than a decade, but defined a generation. These weren't just songs. They were statements. Statements of a generation in flux. Statements of a generation craving a change, craving a better world.

Those four lads from Liverpool? They had something to say. And young people were more than ready to listen with open hearts.

Just like the albums, everyone has their favorite Beatles song -- and usually, they're extremely passionate about their choice. That just goes to show you the level of emotion that a simple Lennon-McCartney song can elicit. Powerful? Yes. Heart-wrenching? Absolutely.

With that in mind -- and because I hate having to narrow my choices down -- here are my 10 favorite Beatles song, in no particular order...

1. Yesterday: Somber, reflective, heart-tugging

2. Something: One of the most romantic songs ever written, hands down

3. I Want To Hold Your Hand: Such a wonderfully innocent look at young love

4. There's A Place: A fun ditty to sing along to

5. In My Life: One of those rare songs that's both sad and uplifting at the same time

6. All You Need Is Love: The perfect anthem for the '60s

7. Strawberry Fields Forever: Because isn't everyone looking for their own Strawberry Fields?

8. Hey, Jude: A Beatles staple

9. The Long and Winding Road: Makes me think about my own life every time

10. Let It Be: The Beatles' lasting message
Your turn, friends: What are your favorite Beatles songs? Why do you love them so much? Which ones can you listen to over and over without getting tired of them? I'd love to hear! xoxo

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  1. When I'm 64 (absolute favorite), Helter Skelter, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Get Back, Michelle... Too many to choose from! :)

  2. This Boy, Long and Winding Road, Fool on the Hill.

  3. I love Yesterday, Hey Jude, Let it Be and my all time favourite is Here Comes the Sun... makes me so cheery and happy everytime I hear it.

  4. 1. being for the benefit of mr kite
    2. elenor rigby
    3. yesterday
    4. blackbird
    5. in my life
    6. please please me

    o youre making me want to buy All of the beatles albums! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Here Comes the Sun and In My Life are my top 2. So many other good ones though!

  6. "All You Need is Love" - my FAVE Beatles song :)


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