Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Peek Inside: My StickyGram magnets

I pulled a cryptic card out of my bag of tricks last night when I posted the above photo on Instagram -- a sort of fun preview of things to come. Well, I was quite excited a few weeks ago when I received an email from the lovely folks at StickyGram, the amazing site that lets you bring your Instagrams to life. It's such a fun concept: You choose your favorite Instagram shot, upload them to the site and voila! A pack of nine magnets arrives right at your door.

StickyGram was kind enough to send me a complimentary pack of magnets, and boy was it hard to choose just nine! I tried to choose ones that really represented my life and all my favorite things, especially my family and our lovely cats.
It was a treat to see those magnets peeking out from the envelope. And the high-quality photos were amazing!
Though I may have been a bit obsessive with the cat pics. I'll let you be the judge, friends! xoxo

(StickyGram is one of my new sponsors, though the opinions expressed are my own. Thanks so much for continuing to support So About What I Said's wonderful sponsors!)


  1. ahhh SO fun! i need to order some. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Jealous. I've always wanted to try Sticky Gram!

  3. How cool - I will have to try it and maybe even a birthday gift for family members in 2014 :)


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