Monday, March 10, 2014

An ordinary day: March 9, 2003...

Editor's Note: Today marks 11 years since my father's suicide. I'll be posting my thoughts in a bit, but I invited my mom to share her thoughts as well. It's no exaggeration when I say that this woman's strength has kept me going for the last 11 years. Thank you, mom, I love you very much...

March 9, 2003, was an ordinary day. But, out of the 21,170 days I have been alive, that is the day that I remember with the greatest clarity. I remember everything about that day. We went to church, we had lunch while watching Once and Again, we played Uno and we ate lasagna and lemon pie for dinner. There were no tears that day, and there had been plenty of them during Brian's cancer. It was a truly ordinary day.
It was also Brian's last day on Earth. We didn't know it then, we didn't appreciate it then, but I sure do now. I don't know all the psychological reasons that I am able to recall every moment of that day, although I am sure there are many. All I know is that this year, instead of focusing on the horror of March 10th, I am going to focus on that ordinary day, March 9, and I will be thankful.


  1. That was beautiful !! To focus on the day before ........ the family time, Uno, --food and family! Looking back on life .. it really is the "ordinary" days that give us such amazing memories. God bless you girls - Praying for you oxox

  2. This is a really beautiful post.


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