Monday, March 31, 2014

Family Photos: Our staycation shenanigans!

The first Monday after a vacation is always a tough one. You feel so rested and refreshed -- as if you've been able to hit the reset button on your life -- but come Monday morning, you're thrown into the chaos and craziness once again. I slowed things down last week so that I could spend some time with my mom during her spring break. And what a welcomed and relaxing break it was! We didn't do much of anything, but looking back, I'm thinking that was sort of the point. Here are some photos from the week that, I assure you, serve as ample evidence of our laid-back ways...
We watched lots of good TV, like Damages and the Sister Act movies...
I about did a back flip -- an impossible feat for me -- when I found Sour Patch Kids with a new blue raspberry flavor...(they're almost gone, in case you were wondering)
We ate out at our favorite restaurants, like Applebee's...
And shopped at Target, where I got this awesome cup with a bendy straw...
We took a cue from Harry and Stella and slept late...
I got a cool new wheelchair basket...
And of course, I read tons of magazines, which is all I really wanted to do anyway...

Have you taken any staycations lately, friends? xoxo

P.S. More thoughts on the power of staycations.


  1. MY FAVE is a staycation!! Being home, catching up on movies, and relaxing! (oh- and snow-caps and Swedish fish are my fav movie candy LOL) I am a home-body, so to me? A dream vacation IS being home !! Glad yall had fun ! Stella and Harry are sooooooooooooooooo cute !!

  2. lol. Looks like my kind of stay-cation. I do feel the Monday-After blues. When we came back from Disneyland a month ago, I didn't want to get out of bed :O(

  3. I love a day watching Netflix and crocheting!

  4. aww i loved sister act! what a good flick! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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