Friday, March 07, 2014

Fashion Friday: Essie spring collection

While I was at Target this week, I spotted Essie's spring 2014 collection. Those pastel colors! Those fun names! Needless to say, I've got a new nail crush (is that even a thing?!?!?). And what do you know? I've got a gift certificate to Hmmm... xoxo


  1. So pretty - the colors of Spring ! I saw a pretty Spring top at Khols that I really wanted - and I got a 20% off coupon!! May have to get it (I like the mint green) TGIF

  2. These are such pretty colors! I really love the bottom three!

  3. The dark blue in the upper left corner is screaming my name. *MUST RESIST URGE TO GO ON AMAZON*

  4. Haha, lucky you:) Which one are you picking?

    I'm not allowing myself any nail polish buys anymore, have plenty as it is. But it's sure hard to resist sometimes...

  5. Love it :) I am a sucker for new polish colors :)

  6. I saw these at Walgreens yesterday and it took sooo much willpower not to walk out with any of them! I'm loving that blue on the top left.


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