Friday, March 21, 2014

Guest Post: De-stress with a little green decor

Why are palms such landscaping heartthrobs? That’s because they are beautiful, towering, attention-grabbing and evoke a sense of domineering elegance. Why do we see so little of them in offices and workplaces? Because managing a palm is a tough job. The watering and fertilizer requirements can weigh one down. Artificial palms, thankfully, keep the best and remove the rest, offering you palms that look absolutely like real palms. Still confused about whether or not to go for artificial palms? Read on...

A sure-shot way to make people stop and stare at your buildings
Who would be able to resist the charms of a towering palm marking the entrance of your office? Not many! Artificial palms make your office the talk of the neighborhood and are sure to cast the right impressions on the clients visiting your building for the first time. Moreover, an artificial palm is independent of the strict requirements that a real palm comes with; so even if your office entrance meets the road, you will be able to have a palm tree waving to any passerby and welcoming clients.

Happier employees and a stress-free workplace
Contemporary office jobs are rife with stress, and it is important that the workplace be designed in a manner so as to mitigate any sense of suffocation and stress. Having palm trees dotted along a side of the reception area or adding life to the bland and dark corners of your seminar halls is bound to absorb all the stress in the atmosphere, making your workplaces look more natural and beautiful. You can safely rely on the beauty of artificial palm trees to make employees happier and stress-free at work -- something that is bound to trickle down to your bottom line.

The right impressions on clients and visitors
Right from the time they enter into the office to the time they put the first bite of your office cafeteria’s pizza in their mouths, clients form opinions all the time. Rather than becoming a victim to this aspect of human nature, you can convert it into an opportunity and win the hearts of all your clients and visitors by creating alluring and exotic landscaping themes inside and at the exteriors of the building. With artificial palms, you can create stunning desert and beach themes which are guaranteed to make everyone stop and stare. When clients observe your innovative landscapes, they are bound to foster healthy impressions about the way things are done in your office.

The best of real palms, without the problems!
With silk and plastic materials that remain glossy and attractive for several years at a stretch being used to manufacture artificial palms, you can expect ample returns on your investments in them. Moreover, you will not have to sweat it out in maintaining the beauty of your palms. The colors used in artificial palms are commercial grade, and retain their vibrancy for very long times. Truly, there’s no better way of enjoying the charms of artificial palms at one’s workplace than by having artificial palms.
(A post by the good folks at Commercial Silk International, the Minneapolis-based interior landscape firm specializing in authentic artificial trees and silk plants for the office setting.)

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