Friday, March 28, 2014

Guest Post: Four spring trends for 2014

Undoubtedly, spring is the prettiest time of the year -- everything around you is fresh and green. The flowers are blooming, and the temperature is just right. This is the perfect time to flaunt light, airy fabric with beautiful and delicate details. It is the time of the year to pull out the flats, cross body bag and floral print skirts and tops. If you are planning to do your spring shopping in a day or two, here are the top four spring fashion trends for 2014...

No spring shopping list is complete without pastels. This season, take a break from typical Easter pastel shades and pick the icy pastels. Pick the pastels that have a little sheen such as dusty pink or minty green.

Black and white
This spring black and white is the in-thing. Pick skirts or sheaths in black and white and pair it with good accessories. Try 6PM for some nice black and white collections. When shopping, don't forget to use the discount codes and coupons to save big bucks. One place to look for latest coupons is Frugaa.

Hues of pink
This spring, pops of pinks will surely rule the fashion world. If you don't love lots of pink, it is best to buy a dress that has some pink patterns. Or glam up a simple black-and-white dress with a sleek pink belt.

This spring, you will find most girls decked out in different hues of metallic. This doesn't mean that you will spot women wearing gold jumpsuits, but definitely jumpsuits with metallic patterns. Or you can try metallic skirt with a neutral-colored top.

These four must-have 2014 spring fashion trends will give you a newer look and will earn you lot of appreciation in your circle. Have fun, and enjoy the season!
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