Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guest Post: How to display DIY projects

Creating crafts and works of art serves as a hobby for many adults and youngsters. However, once they have finished these expressions of creativity, they’re never quite sure what to do with them. What are some types of crafts that serve well as art displays around the house?

Paintings and Drawings
For the individual who has dabbled with colors and perfected art with palettes, drawings and paintings are likely the apple of your eye. Choosing some of your more sophisticated works can certainly serve to enhance any room in the house. If you're still in the earlier stages of working with these mediums, you may wish to put the painting in the office or den as opposed to the living room or dining room. Selecting a space where the color schemes match is wise.

Wreaths for the Season
Putting together wreaths is a fun activity that the entire family can be involved in and that your children will likely love. As long as you have a solid base, you can decorate the wreath with virtually any materials such as wrapping paper, glitter or natural items found in the outdoors. Always make sure all of the supplies are non-toxic in case anything falls off and children or pets are nearby.

Models and Sculptures
If you are interested in modeling and sculpting, you can make art displays that have a chance to serve a dual purpose. For example, let's say that you are interested in sculpting and working with ceramics. You could make a flower pot or a tabletop decoration. Then, you will have a home for some flowers in the warmer months or some little odds and ends when the Christmas season rolls around. Chances are you are going to save some money by using these art works as decor in your home.

For The Children
When you are busy working away with your art projects, your children are likely going to want to join in as well. Depending upon the age of your kids, you may invite them to start helping with the art displays you create. However, they might have their own interests to explore. You can set up a shelf in the playroom or the den where they are free to display whatever works they would like.
When you have a crafty side, using these skills can help to make your home a beautiful space that is a representation of you.

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