Friday, March 28, 2014

Have a cozy weekend

Good afternoon, friends, and a very, very happy Friday! How was your week? I'm all nice and relaxed after my break this week. I'll be sharing a few photos next week, but needless to say, it was awesome! A BIG THANK YOU to Shane, Kirby and Alexa, Jillian and Tiffany for their inspiring spring posts! They've inspired me to share my own must-have list next week, which I'm pretty pumped about, naturally. Hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

The world's worst dater?

5 upcoming designers to watch out for.

It's Mean Girls meets art!

There's nothing like some great blogging advice.

Fun quiz: When will you actually get married?

Congrats, Mila and Ashton!

I'm a sucker for fun facts about Jurassic Park -- have I mentioned lately that it's one of my favorites?

Another reason to love T-Swift.

Oh, yummy! Check out these mouth-watering grilled cheese recipes.

One writer on dealing with a guy who just disappeared.

Just in time for spring: Pastel finds under $50.

9 simple health tips for women.

This constellation ring is out of this world, don't you think?

101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters should be required reading for moms everywhere.

A great piece that explores the reasons for late-in-life virginity loss.

World Food Clock puts everything in perspective.

Remember the little girl from the LEGO ads?

And a DIY utensil holder made out of...LEGOs!

Batman pencils, anyone?

Why We Rescue, a year-long documentary highlighting how pets transform our lives, will tug at your heart.

And as always, feel free to connect with me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now YouTube! See you there, friends! xoxo

[Photo via bippity boppity boo]

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