Friday, March 21, 2014

Have a warm weekend

Good afternoon, friends! Do you hear that? Listen very, very's the sound of birds chirping. And look outside. Do you see that? It's sunshine AND blue skies! You know what that means, right? It's FINALLY spring!! At long last, we made it through that cold, dark, cold winter. OK, I may sound a bit dramatic here, but those who survived the last few months know exactly what I'm talking about. Speaking of spring, my mom is off work next week for spring break, so I thought it would be the perfect time to take things a little easier and relax a bit. So look for Spring Fling Week next week, with lots of fun posts and possibly a few surprises (read: yes, definitely a few surprises!). In the meantime, I hope the weather is warm in your neck of the woods, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

6 reasons you shouldn't feel bad about being single.

Rejection letters of the rich and famous.

I should really start using these de-cluttering tips.

Get ready: The Mall of America is going to DOUBLE in size!

Oh, man, these auto corrects are hilarious.
11 famous movies that were almost named something else (The Breakfast Club was almost called The Lunch Bunch!)

The reality of working in magazines.

Songs you'll never be able to listen to the same way again. You're welcome!

The only good reason to get married, from a father to his son.

And the 7 scientific secrets to a happy marriage.

Wheel of Fortune jackpot!

A scary side effect of the selfie craze.

Do men really prefer intelligent women?

Lusting after all this delicate jewelry.

More inspiring quotes from American women.

Friday fun: Which character from The Hills are you? (Gosh, I hope I'm not Justin Bobby...)

The final season of Mad Men begins April 13th.

Lovely love quotes.

Food maps.

Fascinating: The engineering of the chain restaurant menu. And now I'm hungry...

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  1. I'm loving these links! So thoughtful and thought provoking!

  2. 2014 was just the craziest winter !! Spring is extra glorious after that winter weirdness......hopefully the next several years will be mild winters :)


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