Monday, March 31, 2014

Angara birthstone rings

I've always been a huge fan of jewelry that has a personal story behind it. Whether that be a family locket passed down through the generations or a specially engraved bracelet, meaningful jewelry can be such a nice touch. For awhile now, I've been looking for the perfect birthstone ring. My birthstone is peridot, which is a gorgeous shade of green, and I love the idea of displaying your birthday pride every day of the year. And, thanks to Angara, I've got a serious case of the daydreams today. Angara is a word in ancient Sanskrit that means "the fire within," and the gemstone Web site has been a family-owned business for generations, specializing in gemstone cutting, polishing and design. Here's a peek at my top four favorite peridot rings...
1. Heart and Soul ring
2. Posh ring
3. The Wings of Love ring
4. The Mughal ring

So, friends, what's your birthstone? Do you have a special piece of jewelry to celebrate it? Let's chat, shall we? xoxo

(This post was sponsored by Angara, the family-owned online shop specializing in beautiful gemstones. Thanks so much for continuing to support So About What I Said's wonderful sponsors!)


  1. Mine is Opal... and I used to have jewellery with a real one in it, but lost it years ago. :(
    (I love Opal in all Forms)

  2. I like #1 Heart and Soul ring. Mine is amethyst. I had such a great ring my Grandma gave me with my birthstone. I lost it many years ago........I don't really wear jewelry, but I loved wearing it on special occasions :)


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