Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family Photos: Sister love

Shortly after my father died, my aunts (his sisters) gave us such a comforting gift: They took the mess of family photos we'd collected in scattered boxes over the years and made photo albums. There were albums filled with photos of my mother as a child, another album from my parents' wedding day and tons of photos of our classic family vacations. Having that tangible reminder of all our wonderful memories was truly an invaluable gift.

My mom pulled out some of those albums yesterday, and it was the perfect excuse to take a trip down memory lane. And since my sister was getting on my case recently for "sharing all the same, old photos" on my blog, I thought it would be fun to share a few never-before-seen snapshots from my childhood. Get pumped for some flashback fun over the next few days, starting with...wait for it...

SISTERS!!! That's Janelle and me in the Appalachian Mountains -- notice my flair for fashion even back then? I rock that neon pink hat...

I was as proud as if she were my own daughter...
She always kept me company in the hospital...

And of course, we were the ultimate vacation and beach bums!

What family photos do you treasure the most, friends? What sorts of memories do they bring to mind? Why not pull out those photo albums today and smile? xoxo


  1. Wow, I see DeKalb, Chicago WV, Virginia Beach, Gulf Shores and the NC mountains....we were well travelled. And to think we never even leave the city limits now...LOL!

  2. How much fun to view your family photos. Great pictures. Precious memories for you to enjoy for ever. More, please.

  3. What an adorable walk down memory lane, loved seeing these! Having moved to NYC and downsized a lot from my 9 years in LA, I went through lots of pictures and they always leave me with such great, sometimes bitter-sweet, memories...they capture moments in time that will always remain a part of us! <3

  4. Amazing. Simply amazing, Melissa.

  5. Thanks for the sweet word, friends!! Janelle liked the post! xoxo


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