Friday, April 18, 2014

Have a lovely Easter weekend

Happy long weekend, friends! What are your plans for Easter? We'll be spending time with my father's family, so it will be nice to see everyone. Plus, we were talking this morning about how it's been years since we've dyed Easter eggs, so we just might have to add that to our to-do list this weekend for old time's sake. Hope you all have a wonderful, family-filled, candy-filled Easter, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Ha, if Don Draper had Twitter in the '80s.

A writer reflects on her father's death from AIDS 22 years ago.

22 common phrases we all secretly hate.

How to make homemade Peeps!

Would you break these dating rules?

Dream Vacation: Paris in the springtime.

How fun are these cross-stitched microbes?

Some lovely Easter inspiration.

Remember how awesome Anastasia was? I loved the music too!

'90s school supplies.

Dream Home do or don't: Wallpaper in the kitchen.

Everything Carrie ever wondered about on Sex and the City.

A Supernatural spin-off? How interesting...

Oh, Ryan Atwood, how I love you!

Candy bars, ranked.

Apparently these co-stars didn't get along...

I write like...

How well do you know your vocabulary?

19 signs he wants you.

Woohoo, looks like there could be hope for How I Met Your Mother fans.

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  1. Thank you for including my blog post, Melissa! Happy Easter :)

  2. Happy Easter to you too! Apparently I write like David Foster Wallace - who knew? Love the links...

    onebreath @


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