Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ms. Bear's Kitchen: Throwback taco Thursday

It's Throwback Taco Thursday in Ms. Bear's Kitchen!!

We were thinking about what to make for the column this week. I have been a little obsessed lately with Chipotle (which seriously has to stop, especially the chips and salsa!), so we started thinking about Mexican food. Then I started thinking about the popularity of Throwback Thursday on Facebook, and we decided to tie the two together. You see, my mother absolutely loved tacos. Now my mom, in her old age, was quite a little thing, but boy, could she put away the tacos! Not one or two, but seriously at least three or four! It was such a joy to watch her enjoying them as we ate and talked. So tonight, we remembered my mother as we enjoyed some Mexican food.

Here is what you need for tonight's is quick and easy with leftovers to spare...

*1 pound of ground beef, cooked
*1 can grilling beans, Texas ranchero flavor
*1 can refried beans
*1 box taco shells and seasoning
*Whole wheat tortillas
*Shredded cheese
*Taco sauce
*Chopped tomatoes and chopped onions
*1 package Spanish rice, microwaveable if you want to save time

Cook the meat and heat up the canned goods.

Assemble the tacos any way you like, in any combination! Top with cheese, onions and tomatoes. Add rice for the side dish, and add some fruit on the side. Top it off with brownies and enjoy! Refrigerate the rest for tomorrow's lunch and/or dinner, and you are all set!

Oh, I forgot the most important part....crank up the Pandora Salsa Loco station to really get in the mood, and don't forget to talk about fun family traditions and stories when you are cooking. Buen provecho!


  1. This looks easy enough for me...not much of a cook. I love tacos...especially fish tacos. May try this over the weekend.

  2. Some time ago you mentioned a delicious macaroni salad your Mom makes. Any chance of getting her to make it for Ms Bear's Kitchen?

  3. Hi Pat -- my mom said she's happy to get a request. We'll definitely make it...especially as the weather gets warmer! :)


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