Tuesday, April 15, 2014

U.S. citizenship test

Did you have to take the U.S. Constitution test in high school? I remember taking it my senior year, and, boy, it felt like such a big deal back then. I spent weeks studying, and when the big day arrived, I was prepared -- with three extra #2 pencils on my desk just in case.

I passed! Whew! But I've often wondered just how much Constitution knowledge I've actually retained over the years -- because, let's face it, high school was quite a long time ago. The Atlantic posted this citizenship quiz to test your smarts. Would you pass, friends? Go ahead and take the quiz and leave your score in the comments! xoxo

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  1. I scored 21 - Not bad for a Canadian ;)

  2. My fam and I had to take this for becoming citizens in 2011 :D! However, the exam on that site is NOTHING like the one citizens take.

    Firstly, people are given a test booklet with the Q&As + months to prep. This can be easy or hard depending on your understanding of language and previous exposure to U.S. history and culture. For us, it wasn't difficult, thank God.

    Then at exam time, you actually get three or so (or maybe a handful of) Qs and you're expected to answer most of them correctly. That's it--easy peasy!

    And unless the regs in UT differ much from those in the rest of the country (which, why would they?), the Qs people get were much, much easier and more general than those on that site. As far as people, go, for instance, we needed to know the names of the Pres, the VP, and the Speaker of the House.

    The Atlantic's version is cool and I get the idea behind the initiative (it's, um, interesting hehe), but it in no way resembles a real Citizenship Exam.


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