Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On true love

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to think about true love. It's a mysterious, complicated, muddled concept, I know, but I did receive this little nugget of insight...

I would define TRUE love as the person you can be yourself with -- sweatpants, Hello Kitty t-shirts, messy hair and a house that isn't "perfect." Your TRUE love makes sure to maintain a happy home full of kindness and joy. Your soul mate is your greatest fan, your greatest defender and their greatest joy is your happiness (and vice versa). Life is too short to settle for anything less.

Trying to define something as intangible as true love is sort of like explaining the rules of the universe. It's the sort of thing you can only understand when you see it and feel it. And maybe love feels different from person to person, so no one defines it the exact same way.
Or is true love only defined by its loss? Can you only ever really define it when you lose it? Maybe it's then that we can truly appreciate it. What do you think, friends? And now, for next week's question...

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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  1. YAY to the person that wrote that paragraph about a real TRUE love. (especially the Hello Kitty Tees and sweatpants LOL) That is EXACTLY what true love is. We try to teach the younger ones in our family what love is !! I will put a spin on the question -- I hope in 10 years to see all the young ones in our family either 1) single 2) with their TRUE loves and 3) Happy no matter what because happiness starts within !! (( I never want to see any of our loved ones (family or friends) with negative ppl - life is too short!! MWAH oxox


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