Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On your best qualities...

I'll be the first to say it: I can be hard on myself sometimes. Extremely hard. As they say, we're our own worst critic, and sometimes, all our self-confidence feels more depleted than a hot air balloon. Maybe that's part of the reason I wanted to chat about our best qualities this week to combat the evils of our inner critic. And of course, your works cut right to my heart...

People are comfortable around me. I love that.
What a wonderful quality to have -- the ability to have people just gravitate to you is such a powerful thing. Plus, something tells me it's also one of those true life skills that will always come in handy. And now, for next week's question...

What's your go-to karaoke song and why?

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  1. Erausre 'A little respect' 80s classic. A beautiful song about being in love with someone and having to work for it. its just so much fun to sing.


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