Monday, May 05, 2014

Childhood photos (Part 1)

Over the weekend, I looked through a few more family photo albums that my mom brought out last week. You aren't getting tired of this little jaunt through my childhood, are you, friends? Good, I didn't think so. Let's continue, shall we...? We loved spending time with our grandparents, above...

Posing like we're the next Kardashian sisters...

And having fun. One of our favorite past times was playing with those Fischer Price little people -- all children of the '80s should remember those. Oh, and getting dirty from finger painting. We apparently looooved that too. And carving pumpkins!

What did you and your siblings do when you were kids? Any fun -- or embarrassing -- favorite childhood activities? xoxo


  1. I love the childhood pics !! So fun and so cute and adorable !! I need to go to my moms and pull out some old pics :) Happy Monday :)

  2. Love the pictures. You and Janelle sure did have a lot of fun together. You can see the sisterly love you share.

  3. Thanks, friends!!! We sure did have a lot of fun as kids lol


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