Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Childhood photos (Part 2)

Well, today's flashback photos highlight three very important things...we were pretty big fans of make-believe and dressing up, above...

Janelle was quite possibly the cutest baby EVER...

And of course, we could fall asleep anywhere. Yes, that's Janelle sleeping next to bars of soap in that last photo. She was obsessed with soap as a toddler and would arrange a row of bars next to her on the floor before she fell asleep...

Did you or your siblings have any quirks growing up? What do you think of them now, friends? I'd love to hear your funny/embarrassing/honest story! xoxo


  1. Yall have the sweetest and most precious childhood photos! My Mom has all of our child hood albums. It amazes me how fun it is (takes you right back) to look in the albums and remember family fun. We just did this at the beginning of the year at what would have been my Grandpas 100 birthday!!

  2. Sweet, sweet photos. Adorable little girls having so much fun together. I'm really enjoying these photos along with you, Janelle and your Mom. (when is Ms. Bear going to do a macaroni salad recipe?)


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