Thursday, May 08, 2014

Childhood photos (Part 3)

Today's photos are all about fun! Playground fun, like the snapshots above. My sister and I spent countless hours on the swings, but Janelle was the one who really loved the jungle gym, apparently...
She also loved chasing the seagulls on the beach (and pigeons at the zoo)...

And nothing says we were '80s children more than Barbies and troll dolls. We were big fans of lining up our Barbies and pretending they were in a fashion show. I'm sure I'm not the only child who did that...right?

What did you do for fun growing up, friends? Do you think kids have it easier these days? What do you miss from your childhood? Let's chat! xoxo

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  1. ahwww - - part 3 was so cute too!! Troll dolls- I remember them well :) We had one with pink hair. Happy Thursday ox


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