Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family Photos: Signs of summer

Summer, it seems, is popping up everywhere I look these days. No sooner had spring blown in then I began seeing glorious green grass and blues skies! And if you lived in the Midwest this winter, you know just what a beautiful sight this is. I thought it would be fun to share a few photos this afternoon to spread the summer lovin' know I had to kick things off with one of my classic polo shirts. I also took my first walk of the season last week. I'm the summer's answer to Punxsutawney Phil. Translation: If I'm out tooling about, you know it must be warm...
Even Harry and Stella are loving this weather...

My mom and sister took a leisurely stroll through a local forest preserve a couple weeks ago. Isn't my mom an awesome photographer?

I figure our "Midwest Cred" just skyrocketed with our latest purchase: A classic screen door.* We're not the only ones who like it...look who's peeking out on the bottom left. If Harry approves, you know you're on to something.
Again, how amazing is my mom's photography skills?
And of course, what burgeoning summer day would be complete without a pretty yellow flower and some lilacs?

Ahhh, yes, summer is almost here! Are you excited, friends? xoxo

*FYI: Am I the only one who automatically starts singing Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road any time someone mentions a "screen door"? And if you don't get what I'm talking about, shame on you...


  1. I recognize that prairie! One of my favorite places in the area.

  2. Yes! I am really excited too! Last week was particularly grey, cold and wet, but it is now turning around again. Still cold, but a lot brighter and happier. I even had some ice cream again today:)

    This looks like a lovely little trip! And I love that kitty peeking out of the little window<3

  3. That photo of that creek is magnificent. So gorgeous.

  4. GREAT pictures! I think one of my FAVE things is the warmer weather blowing in a nice Spring breeze through a screen door :)


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