Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Dolly Parton on home and family

Everyone's favorite country queen Dolly Parton reached a career milestone last week when she released her 42nd studio album. Can you believe that? Another milestone? It was also the highest-charting album for the six-decade songstress.

What I've always loved about Dolly is that, despite all her fame and success, she's never once forgotten who she is or where she came from. Home and family mean everything to her, as she recently told The Marietta Daily Journal...
“I've never thought of myself as a star, I still don’t. I am a working girl. I love what I do, but I still stay close to my family. I still appreciate the value of a dollar. All I have to do is think who we were, where we came from. I think of Momma and Daddy, that’s why I write so many songs about my home, but I stay grounded because of my family and my friends...I always say I count my blessings a lot more often than I count my money.”
 How wonderful! There's something so pure and refreshing about carrying your family and home with you wherever you go. Thanks for your ever-lasting inspiration, Dolly! xoxo

P.S. Where do you live? And, what do you love about your hometown? Don't forget to celebrate it... :)


  1. How refreshing, I wish more starts felt this way.

  2. So humble, love how she says that she counts her blessing more than she counts her money.

  3. Wow, 42 albums?! Good for her and it is awesome that she still maintains such a strong sense of family and humility.

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  4. I love Dolly..such an amazing song writer as well!

  5. I love Dolly Parton so much, she just so sweet. She was on Fallon a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with her all over again. Buzzfeed also had a quiz of which Dolly Parton song you were, I obviously got "9-5" and I was so happy.

  6. 42nd album?! Wow! That's impressive and I so enjoy hearing that she counts her blessings and loves her family.

  7. Wow, 42 albums most artists are lucky if they get 2. My grandparents are huge Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn fans and I remember that they use to have a record player and those two would be on all day.


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