Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Let's talk favorite teachers!

Happy National Teacher Day, friends! The day, which dates back to 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day, is part National Teacher Appreciation Week and celebrates those men and women who perhaps have the hardest job around.

As Whitney Houston once sang, "the children are our future," and indeed, there's no underestimating the role teachers play in a child's life. Ask anyone, and they can probably rattle off countless stories about their favorite school memory and favorite teacher. For example, there was my fourth grade teacher who made learning fun. There was my sixth grade teacher who really encouraged my writing. There was my high school journalism teacher who got me excited about all things newspaper and reporting. And then there was my high school chemistry teacher who was just such a character -- my friend and I still swap Mr. Bowker stories to this day and laugh until the tears are practically rolling down our cheeks!
And then something happens once you become an adult: You still have a connection with those same teachers. Maybe it's because I still live in my hometown, but I've really enjoyed getting to know my teachers as an adult. I keep up with some of them on Facebook and have even gotten together with some of them to catch up. Last fall, I even helped one of my teachers (the one who encouraged my writing so many years ago...) set up her Skype. I often wonder, too, how teachers feel about getting to know their students in this new light.

It's amazing how clearly these memories stick with us, isn't it? Teachers help shape who we become, and I know that I could never thank them enough for the contribution to my life. What teachers have shaped your life? What memories stick out in your mind?  Make sure you thank a teacher today! xoxo

P.S. And of course, I'd be remiss not to thank my biggest teacher of all -- thanks, Ms. Bear, for everything. Your knowledge and love continue to amaze me every single day! :)

P.P.S. More school stories...

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  1. Best teacher I ever had was my 2nd grade teacher ! She made our day seem so fun and was the one teacher who we felt really REALLY cared about us. She was like an angel on earth! I can still remember our morning routines in her classroom and how she encouraged all of our learning milestones. An amazing lady!


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