Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ms. Bear's Kitchen: Summer chicken pasta salad

Hello to Melissa's blog subscribers! Here's a funny story to start out this week's column: About two weeks ago, I told Melissa that I was going to make something early for Ms. Bear's Kitchen. So I did; it turned out great, and I instantly forgot about it. Today Melissa reminded me that I never wrote up this recipe and asked me to do it. Thank goodness for the iPhone, where I had my pictures because I honestly couldn't remember what I had made!!!! The end of the school year is like a big race, and I feel I am coming in last...LOL!

Anyway, this week's recipe is Chicken Pasta Salad! It turned out well, with two meals of leftovers!

*Some type of pasta noodles
*Italian dressing
*Shredded cheese and Parmesan cheese
*Chicken (I use my standby of rotisserie chicken)
*Your choice of veggies...I used onions, tomatoes, green pepper, cucumbers olives and bacon bits

As you know, the directions to any of my recipes are very simple....just cook the noodles, add the other stuff and enjoy! I served this with a whole wheat baguette and our "famous" fruit compote -- peaches and mandarins mixed together!

Any requests for my next dinner? Try it. I bet you'll like it!!!!!

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