Monday, May 26, 2014

Tip: Simple conversation starter

I've been toying with the idea of starting a "tips" column on So About What I Said. While In The Pursuit of Happiness is all about others' inspiring words (Zooey Deschanel! Susan Sarandon! Marilyn Monroe! Princess Diana! Lucille Ball!), Tips will be all about my own personal ideas for making life sweeter and richer. After all, we could all use more tips and tricks for navigating this crazy thing called life, right? Some might be little reminders, some might be big projects, but I'm excited to see where this column takes us! And since today is the unofficial first day of summer, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kick things off.

A few months ago, my sister brought this handy little chart home from one of her therapy sessions. It helps you sort through your emotions and succinctly describe how you're feelings. All you have to do is place the square over the corresponding word. One word. That's it. Not the whole mess of pomp and circumstance that can come along with talking out loud -- a mess that sometimes leaves you even more confused and lost than you were when you started.

So every few days -- sometimes even every day -- we'll notice one of us has highlighted a new emotion on the chart. It's the perfect conversation starter, as one of us will invariably say, "Oh, who's feeling..." It takes something that could be uncomfortable and overwhelming, like talking about your anger or your sadness or your loneliness, and gives you a script and a framework for tackling it. It also gives you a safe space where you're not afraid to say exactly how you feel and know you won't be judged for it. Plus, I really love that it's magnetic, so it's virtually impossible to lose!
Have you ever used something like this, friends? Did it help? Also, would you like to see a tips column on the blog? Any topics in particular you'd like to see covered? xoxo

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  1. That's a very handy little chart... I can see that it would be beneficial for lots of families. Tips are always good, no matter the subject matter. :)


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