Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: If your life were a movie...

Remember when we talked about our six-word memoir a few years ago? Well, that got me thinking this week about what it would be like to see your life splashed across a giant movie screen. How surreal would that be? To see everything play out in this larger-than-life form would be such a trip. And since we all know that the secret to a good movie lies in the perfect title, I asked you to share the title of your life movie...

Good Lord, Give That Woman A Nap! (The truth is, I take plenty of them, just never seems like enough).

Strong Stock

Goofy Gal

Probably something along the lines of The Funny Farm (I keep acquiring all kinds of animals....a couple hours ago, I rescued a baby squirrel from a busy street. Now it is in a laundry hamper in my bathroom!...lol).

Eeek! Now I'm dying to see these movies! I think it's pretty safe to say that my movie title would be definitely be So About What I Said. It just fits, doesn't it? Here's next week's question...

How would you spend your dream summer? What would you do?

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P.S. Pat, you won the gorgeous 8x10 flower photo from Kari. Congrats! Email me at mellow1422 (at) aol (dot) com, and I'll connect you with Kari. :)

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  1. Oh gosh - my perfect summer might be in Rockport MA. they have quaint little shops and eateries (ice cream parlors) -- sweet water front rooms, and floral boutiques. Caters to summer season, and there is a real pretty church in the middle of the square. We go to this little town about a half day every year we head to New England to visit in-laws. >> There would be naps too -LOL b/c we are also a family who loves naps! Half a day visit never seems to be enough...but always so nice.


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