Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On your dream summer...

Speaking of summer, we all have fantasies of our dream summers, don't we? You know, a mental game plan for how we'd spend those lazy, hazy days if we could go anywhere and do anything -- and of course, if money were no option. Well, you certainly didn't have to think long to come up with your perfect itinerary...

*I would go back to London to dance. I would go to the English coast and dream about living there. I would take walks in Scotland and take in the beautiful world around me.

*At Gulf Shores Alabama, in a beach front property, on the beach every day.

*Oh gosh -- my perfect summer might be in Rockport MA. They have quaint little shops and eateries, sweet waterfront rooms and floral boutiques. The town caters to summer season, and there is a real pretty church in the middle of the square. We go to this little town every year when we head to New England to visit in-laws. There would be naps too because we are also a family who loves naps! Half a day visit never seems to be enough...but always so nice.
Ahhh! I can just feel the stress washing away, can't you? I'm thinking my dream summer would involve three things: Sun, Yahtzee and lots of root beer. Maybe I should make this my summer project? Hmmm, now that's an intriguing thought. Here's next week's question...

What are your sure-fire tips for combating stress?

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  1. Aww! thanks for including me! And now I'm just dreaming dreaming dreaming of summer adventures.


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