Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On your favorite teacher...

We've talked about the power of teachers before, but I don't think you can ever say too much about their important role in shaping your life. After all, they don't just teach you reading, writing and arithmetic, do they? They teach you about life and all those lessons that you can't get from a textbook. It can sometimes be a tireless job, but they do it because they love it. Where would we be without them? I'm not sure, but I'll never stop being grateful to those amazing teachers. And, neither will you...

My favorite teacher was my high school history teacher. I've had many wonderful teachers in my life -- but my own teaching career was greatly influenced by what I learned in his rollicking, noisy, contentious classes. I learned that you must get students interested in what you are teaching and what you want them to learn. That anything -- even ancient Rome and Greece -- can be made fascinating and absorbing to young, eager minds if you think outside the box and make learning "hands on" and a joint project of you and your learners. That lecturing does not work. That posing questions is a great technique -- as Socrates could tell you.

That's easy to answer...5th grade. Kind and patient and helped me after school any time I needed it. Also let me clean the erasers and wash the blackboards!

My high school English teacher always said, "Show me, don't tell me." It was the best advice I had ever received in my writing. I became a writer under his guidance.

Off the top of my head, my Algebra and then geometry teacher in high school. He taught me that I could do the work given the time. When I went to take a test, I would hear his voice in my head walking me through it.

I was so lucky to have several teachers who were my "favorites!" What did they have in common? They believed in me and helped me develop what talents they saw I had. They also helped us expand our horizons and explore the world! Thanks to them for their constant belief in me!

To enjoy life! She made learning fun and going to school fun. In second grade, her class had the LEAST absences because her students liked going to school and especially reading group time.
Such wonderful lessons that we'll carry with us forever -- in college, in our jobs, throughout our relationships -- and we'll also have those wonderful memories to look back on! Here's next week's question...

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

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  1. I love this so much! As a teacher, I love hearing about how I can be better. Great post, Melissa.


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