Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: Tips and tricks for beating stress...

Let's talk about everyone's favorite headache-inducing topic: S-T-R-E-S-S. Just typing that word gave me a little case of the nerves. We all have stress in some areas of our lives; it's just part of living. There's the stress that comes along with taking summer vacations with your family. There's the stress that comes with trying to keep up with your workload. There's even the stress that comes with going to the dentist, but maybe that's just me.

While our stress may be unique, there are a lot of stress-busting tips and tricks that are universal. And, just as I suspected, friends, you made like a stress-busting superhero and dispensed some sound advice...

*Meditation and acupuncture!


*Peppermint/rosemary lotion. And lots of naps!

*Massage therapy.

*Lavender sachets under my pillow...and definitely massage.

*MAKE yourself take a lunch break.

*Cleaning and baking! I control what I can!

Ahhh! Can't you just feel that gigantic mountain of stress begin to melt away? What a refreshing feeling! Just add some root beer to this list, and I'd be set for life. Here's next week's question...

Who was your favorite teacher in school? What big lesson did they teach you?

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  1. Ugh! Stress sucks! This year has been one of my most stressful due to a new job and more pressure and work. For me yoga helps and damn I wish I could get more massages. Oh and taking a bath!!

    My favorite teacher from school was my French teacher, Ms. Kargul. She would talk to me as an equal and that meant so much to me when I was 16. She helped me feel confident and proud of my brain. She really helped shape my future. -Katie

  2. i use essential oils a lot to de-stress and focus. and also really bad tv, that counts, right?

    hmmm. i had two favorite teachers, one was my philosophy teacher in college. i took every course she taught. she always gave me extra points on my assignments. she was so validating and i learned much about myself and just being a critical thinker.

    the second was my math teacher also in college. i am a bonafide failure at math, i honestly think i had a mild learning disability in grade school and math made me sweat and cry. i simply didn't understand it. i felt so stupid and most teachers just let me fail. and while this teacher didn't help me - he was tough, but he kept telling me i could do it. he told me failing wasn't an option and i needed to figure it out, find a way to learn math in my own way. it was a tough love approach, and i pulled a b in the end. out of all the a's i got in college i am most proud of that b!

  3. We love a good family STAY-CATION !! Staying home on days off and vacay days ! Now that we are older.... we usually find that traveling can ADD stress and work (delayed flights, jammed hwys, the list goes on and on....) In fact.. I think we will have to try Ms Bear's chicken salad Memorial Day weekend! ........ Also a big stress-buster is catching up on all the fun DVR shows we recorded. (Myself - I'm a reality tv and pop culture junkie LOL) We love movie nights at home and popcorn too :) Everyone enjoys different things- we have family that loves to travel and vacation, but we are definitely home-bodies so we love to be home. >>> My favorite teacher was my 2nd grade teacher. She was a pretty red head that reminded us of I LOVE LUCY. And she was also the sweetest lady you could ever meet. She had a heart of GOLD ... if we left our desks neat and tidy, then when we came to school the next morning...there would be a piece of candy in our desk! (UH-OH - thus began my love for kraft caramel candies! ) Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and Ms Bear and your sister oxox


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