Thursday, June 05, 2014

Ms. Bear's Kitchen: DIY burrito bowl

Another two weeks have zipped by! I only have seven more school days, so I am on the countdown to summer! Summer school will seem like a breeze after this last month with the 7th graders :)

For today, Melissa and I are sharing a new favorite of ours: A burrito bowl. I had mentioned a couple of columns back about my "addiction" to Chipotle Burrito Bowls. The good news is I have managed to give up the chips and salsa, but I sure do like the burrito bowls! Now, here is a bit of gossip about Melissa -- she is sooooo stubborn about trying new things. I have been trying to get her to try Chipotle, literally, for years! Well, since the Qdoba Mexican Grill closed here, she finally tried Chipotle, and, you guessed it, she loved it! So, we have started making our own version of the burrito bowls at home. They are healthy, cheap and fast! Here's the recipe....remember, you can put anything you want in there! Here's how we've been doing it...

*Brown Rice -- on weeknights, I use the microwaveable kind
*Black beans
*Mexican-style beans
*Spicy tomatoes
*Spicy chili starter tomato sauce
*Cut up white onion
*Cut up plum tomatoes
*Fajita-flavored chicken strips (but this time, I used spicy turkey bratwurst!)
*Tortilla chips

Then you just put what you would like, in the amounts you would like, in a bowl and heat it up!
We also had a cool and refreshing fruit medley to counteract the hot spices! That's it...filling and delicious and it took me under 20 minutes, with lots of leftovers too! And, under $15 with leftovers!

Eso es caliente (that's spicy!!!). Enjoy!

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  1. mmmm i love mexican food! this looks so tasty. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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