Monday, June 30, 2014

Tip: 10 (fun!) things it's OK to obsess over...

Truth time: I've been known to obsess just a wee bit sometimes. Books. Polos. Mr. Melissa Blake. Chuck Bass. Yup, I can obsess with the best of them (thanks, mom, for those obsession genes!), and while I generally don't advise using all that brain power in the name of obsession, sometimes we just can't help it, can we? And so I give you, friends, 10 (fun!) things it's OK to obsess over...

1. Memorizing all the words to your favorite song: Because sometimes, the perfect song can help us through anything.

2. Your favorite childhood TV show: Because it just doesn't get any cuter than those little blue Smurfs! Or ALF, for that matter.

3. Soaking up every last drop of summer sunshine: Because you almost feel a sense of responsibility to follow Sheryl Crow's advice.

4. Your crush's cryptic status update: Because figuring out what it means might just be the key to the entire universe -- OK, probably not that extreme, but it's still bugging you nonetheless!

5. Choosing the perfect song lyric to use as your Facebook status: Maybe said crush will figure out it's your cryptic message to him.

6. Your 10 a.m. Diet Coke break: After breakfast, it's the most important part of your morning, after all.

7. Organizing your Pinterest boards: Because an organized Pinterest is a happy Pinterest. Priorities, people!

8. Getting your grandmother's famed cookie recipe just right: Because they remind you of telling family stories around the table during the holidays.

9. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings: Because if you've learned anything over the years, it's that a little extra sleep can solve a lot of life's problems. Enough said.

10. Your blog: Because it's always there to listen and never judges you or your collection of cat sweaters.
Ahhh, the mind can be quite the tricky thing, can't it? What fun things are you obsessing over lately, friends? Any fun recommendations? xoxo

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  1. I love the idea of this post Melissa, so going to pinch it, but adapt it a little...xx

  2. Thanks ladies!! I'll have to do it again...and posts yours if you do one on your blog!!


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