Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grab the tissues: Ex-lovers' shirts

Beware of the water works ahead! Photographer Carla Richmond and writer Hanne Steen painted a visual portrait of breakups with their photo/interview collaboration. For Lovers' Shirts, Richmond photographed women wearing their ex-lovers' clothing, and then Steen told their stories in the form of unending poems.

Losing someone who was once such a part of your life is something we can relate to, and I love how these brave women didn't hold back in their photos. Some are clinging to their shirts as if they're trying to hold onto every last thread of the relationship. Letting go is hard, but, as these photos also show, remembering is sometimes even harder. What do you think, friends? xoxo

[Via My Modern Met]


  1. Oh gosh... brave women indeed. The flannel shirt picture... touched my heart b/c I wear my hubbys flannel shirt in Fall/Winter even if my hubby is just away for work. Another great post :)

  2. The older woman in the red cardigan clutching onto a tissue makes my heart ache. I want to reach through the screen to her with a hug and a cup of tea.


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