Monday, July 07, 2014

Guest Post: Love beads and tie-dye decor

People are starting to decorate their homes in hippie summer style. You can get in on this trend yourself. You don't need to buy expensive decor; in fact, you can make them yourself...
Love Beads as Window Valances
Stop at the craft store and buy several packages of beads in different sizes and styles. Pick up a few packages of beading cord along with a narrow length of fabric that you'll connect the lengths of beads to. Arrange the beads in attractive arrangements, and then start stringing them on the cord. Cut cords of differing lengths so you get the shortest cords in the center of the valance and the longest cords on the outer edges. String the beads on and secure them by tying a tight knot on the end of each cord. Using needle and thread, sew each cord to the narrow fabric. Make two long rows of beads that you will use to hang your new valance to wall hangers.
Tie-Dyed Couch Pillows
Buy colorful fabric dye in the colors you like. Gather several old, white T-shirts and rubber bands. Wrap the bands around different parts of the T-shirts. Mix up the dye in large bowls and dip different areas into the dye past the rubber bands. Allow areas of dye to overlap other areas. When you're done, hang the dyed t-shirts outside to dry. When they have dried, cut the t-shirts to a size that allows you to wrap them around old pillows or pillow forms. Sew three sides together and put the pillow inside. Using a needle and thread, sew the new pillow cover together.
Tie-Dye Wall Tapestries
Use old, white bed sheets -- using the above steps, tie-dye different areas of the bed sheet. When you have dyed the sheet in several areas, hang it outside to dry. Remove the rubber bands, turn one edge over and sew it closed, leaving the ends open. Slide a curtain rod into the channel you just made and hang it on a wall of your home. Another alternative is wire picture hangers, seamlessly hanging your creations without the leftover mess.

Window Covers
Buy colorful fabric -- the more colorful, the better! Find a curtain rod wide enough to cover the window. Cut a length of fabric about 8 inches wide, and then cut this into pieces about 5 inches long. Sew hems on all four sides of the fabric. Take the small pieces of fabric and turn them wrong side out. Sew three sides closed and turn them inside out. Sew the fourth side closed and stitch them to the narrow end of the curtain. Slide the curtain rod into the hangers and hang your curtain up.

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[Tie-dye photos via We Heart It; Love beads photo via Garden Web]

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