Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Father!

Well, Father, here we are. Another year. How can that even be? You would have turned 63 today, and honestly, there are so many questions running through my head: Who would you have been today? What would you have looked like? Would you still like the same things? Would you still laugh at the same things? Would you still tell the same old corny jokes? Would you still call me and Janelle "rosebud"?

I suppose it's all these questions that have got me so confused. Because, really, sometimes it's like you're right here with us -- almost as if I can feel you. And then other times, it's like you were never even here at all. I hate this times because they're the ones that hurt the most.
But I hope you know how much I'm thinking about you today. We all are. You are still so loved, even in those dark times when we feel like you're a million miles away. You're with us. And we're with you. Forever. Always... xoxo

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  1. Just know that your Dad is a guardian angel on all of your family from Heaven. Your family is so full of light and love... his legacy is strong in the world oxox


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