Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's Try: The 24-Hour No-Complain Challenge

Think about this for a minute, friends: How many times do you catch yourself complaining every day? Think hard about this one. Why? Because we probably all complain a lot more than we realize. It could be something as little as grumbling as you get out of bed in the morning (which I did today because I overslept!) or something as big and monstrous as stressing over family issues or a looming work deadline. Yes, whether we like it or note, the act of complaining is hard-wired in the fabric of our DNA.

And as it turns out, science isn't on our side. Stanford studies have shown that being exposed to just 30 minutes of complaining every day is enough to cause physical damage to the brain; it damages the neurons in the brain that are responsible for problem solving and cognitive functioning. That's not all. Even if you're not the one doing the actual complaining, just listening to someone complain quickly zaps your energy -- I think we've all been in a situation like this, haven't we?
Yikes! Well, NO MORE! After seeing a No-Complaining Challenge posted on Facebook, my mom challenged my sister and me to see if we could go 24 (whole!) hours without complaining. And each time we do complain, we have to write it down. So we're going to try it! Tomorrow is the big day! We were joking all weekend that we'd better get all of our complaining out of our systems while we had the chance -- trust me, we did!

I'd love for you to take part too, friends, so let's make this a blog challenge, shall we? I'll be sure to take notes of my experience -- and of course, all those time I *accidentally* complain -- and post a write-up next week! Are you game? Let's goooo!! xoxo

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  1. Love it! I'll take the challenge! And I'll challenge my very small children to do it as well.

  2. Good luck, Liz! Can't wait to hear your results!

  3. Yes! Complainers just create drama and I've been making a deliberate goal to stop complaining for the last few years. I'm not always successful, but this inspires me to keep trying.


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