Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Poor Harry!

I'm without one of my co-workers today. Harry had to go to the vet early this morning for surgery. We took him in a few weeks ago and they discovered an infection in his mouth. We tried two shots of antibiotics, but it didn't work, so now he'll have several teeth removed.

Needless to say, the house feels downright empty -- it's far too quiet. Who know such a little cat could bring so much life and love into a home. He'll be coming home tonight, but he could use all the positive energy sent his way! All you cat (and dog -- I don't discriminate...), I'm sure you understand what I'm feeling! I love you, Harry... xoxo


  1. Get better soon, Harry! 🐱

  2. Poor old cat! I hope he feels better soon. x

  3. Get well soon, Harry! Two of my sweet cats over the years have had to have teeth removed due to infection. Harry will be back on his feet before you know it!

  4. Oh many prayers and get well wishes for Harry! We send lotsa of love to Harry Blake and's tough to worry, but he will bounce back to his fun and happy co-worker self :)

  5. Thanks, friends, for these kind words. He's a bit restless today, probably from the pain, but we're taking good care of the little guy! :)


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